Anti-sweat Clary Sage Essential Oil
Anti-sweat Clary Sage Essential Oil
Anti-sweat Clary Sage Essential Oil

Anti-sweat Clary Sage Essential Oil

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Finally say goodbye to excessive sweating & stinky smell without using harsh chemicals to block pores. No more embarrassing sweat stains /yellow pits!

With a healing blends of herbal oil, Anti-sweat Clary Sage Essential Oil regulates excessive sweating by its astringent, antibacterial and calming properties.

  • Astringent – this effect helps constrict the pores to control the amount of sweat that comes out through them.
  • Antibacterial – this property is important to kill bacteria and prevent its growth. Bacteria are what cause those bad smells.
  • Calming – this effect is needed to calm itchiness and irritation.


  • Cures and regulates excess sweating
  • Helps absorb the humidity due to hyperhidrosis
  • Eliminates the bacteria that cause bad odors
  • Contains Linalyl Acetate to calm & prevent irritated skin
  • Works on emotional sweating due to stress responses
  • 100% botanical based, hypoallergenic for all skin types


  • Main Ingredients: Clary Sage Extracts, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Multi-Herbal Mix
  • Capacity: 10ml


  • Make sure that your armpits, feet and hands are clean and dry.
  • Apply the tip of the finger, 2 drops of the mixture on each armpit and/or each foot or 1 drop on each hand.


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