Auto Make up Blender
Auto Make up Blender
Auto Make up Blender
Auto Make up Blender
Auto Make up Blender
Auto Make up Blender
Auto Make up Blender

Auto Make up Blender

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Merging your fav product into your skin!!
Innovative vibrating make-up applicator that helps make skin flawless, smooth and radiant by using powerful and delicate vibrations. Made of skin-friendly PP and ABS material. Safe and durable to use. It can be applied to any foundation, such as cream or powder. Make your face exquisite and smooth!
Free from clumping, clogged edge lines and cakey face!

  • PERFECT MATCH: Compatible with ANY of your favorite make-up base. Works best with liquid foundations and BB creams.

  • FLAWLESS COMPLEXION: The vibrating applicator gently & evenly presses your make up. No more manual blending for ages to achieve a radiant, professional air-brushed look. Thin & buildable application.

  • TIME SAVING: Micro-vibrations powder puffs are more efficient than traditional manual puff on make-up. 3D dynamic electric power puff offers 200 Micro-vibrations per second. Even, thin, bright makeup in a few seconds!

  • STRONG LASTING POWER: The vibrator effectively pushes your product while enhancing staying powder. Ideal for concealing fine lines, sun spots, acne spots and any blemish on your face while lasting ALL day.

  • EASY OPERATION: Powered by a button battery for long use. A cover lid keeps dirt and dust away, let the puff maintain clean.

  • REPLACEABLE PUFF: Equipped with 2 replacement puffs, easy to disassemble, clean and replace.

  • PORTABLE: Stylish & compact, can be easily carried and put in your makeup bag.

1 x Vibrating Puff Device
2 x Puffs


  1. APPLY & DAB - Apply your favorite foundation on the sponge. Dab on checks, forehead, and chin.
  2. SLIDE & BLEND - Turn on the power button. Gently slide and blend the product.
  3. DONE! - Seamlessly merge the product into your skin in seconds! Transfer proof and long wearing finish.



Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order