Magic Sticky Pads
Magic Sticky Pads
Magic Sticky Pads
Magic Sticky Pads

Magic Sticky Pads

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This double-sided pad securely keeps anything up to 2 kg in place. Washable and reusable - feel free to relocate anytime to suit your need!! Plus, it leaves no residue or property damage. So Easy!!

Stick anything, anywhere. Its super sticky and reusable features are the perfect solution for all your fixing needs.
Imagine all the possibilities when you can stick anything, anywhere...


  • Stick anything at anywhere you want. 
  • Hold many small electronic accessories, home accessories and tools, such as phones, iPads, camera, water cup, keys, knife, mirrors or metal things in the car, table or some other places.
  • Remove dust, pet hair or other small scrap on clothing, computers or flood. 


How to Use:

Step 1: REMOVE the protective film.
Step 2: STICK the pad on surface. PRESS for a few seconds.
Step 3: Put the item on the pad, also PRESS it for a while to make sure it's well fixed before letting go.


  • Product size: Round (Diameter 80mm); Triangle (Height 70mm, Side length 80mm)
  • Material: PU gel
  • Color: black 


Important Notes:

Only rinse the pad with water. DO NOT use any other wipes or detergent.

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