Perfect Pasta Maker
Perfect Pasta Maker
Perfect Pasta Maker
Perfect Pasta Maker

Perfect Pasta Maker

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Revolutionary way to cook pasta… you will never look back! The innovative cylinder uses thermal conductivity to cook, strain and drain - ALL in one! Make quick, easy & perfect pasta meals in minutes.
No stirring, sticking or burning - it even helps you strain and drain with the self-draining lid!

  • Revolutionary Thermal Conductivity Design - Thermal-dynamic cylinder keeps the water the perfect temperature for perfect cooking every time!
  • Easy to Use - Simply cover pasta with boiling water and secure the thermal lid. Wait then strain and drain. Meal is served!
  • Easy Cleaning - Since nothing sticks, clean-up is a breeze. Dishwasher-safe.

Perfect also for vegetables and more! Cook spaghetti, fusilli, orzo, asparagus, carrots, peas, even shrimp and sausages - without boiling all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients away!


  1. Put pasta in the container and cover with boiling water
    Then attach the self-securing strainer and pop on the thermal lid

  2. Wait for 7-10 minutes, depending of the consistency & brands of pasta.

  3. Remove the thermal lid and effortlessly drain the water.

  4. DONE! Perfect pasta, hassle free! Tuck in with your favorite sauce!

Enjoy hassle-free cooking and your favorite PASTA!!


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